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We provide highly technical services in the mobile apps security space, from design to testing

App Scanning

Scan your app for known vulnerabilities

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Penetration Testing

Get your mobile app pen-tested from security experts

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Code Review

Get your code reviewed for security bugs to make it robust to attacks

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Design Consultancy

Think of security right from designing of your new mobile app

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AppTrusty Mission


AppTrusty is a mobile application security testing services company. While there are tons of app being developed, most of those lack necessary protections to preserve user's data privacy. We provide cutting edge, highly technical assessment services which makes your app secure.

Currently we support Android, iOS and Windows App platforms. With a successful portfolio of 200+ apps tested, we are proud to have catered to Banks, Financial institutions, IOTs, Drones and many other areas.

AppTrusty is a talent pooling mission wherein everyone gets a chance to work on real techie stuff. Team is young, energetic and agile and always in search of interesting opportunity such as pen-testing a gaming app or designing security for a banking app.

AppTrusty's mission is to become a one-point source for all mobile app cyber security needs, as a subject matter expert. To that end we provide services right from designing to testing.

AppTrusty has envisioned to grow in mobile app space and expand it to IOT and other areas where cyber security is paramount.

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About Us


AppTrusty is a startup, commenced operations in 2015 with an idea in mind to make mobile apps cyber-secure. We are a team of young and agile ethical hackers whose passion is to pen-test an app.
With a management who carries years of experience in IT and cyber security field, AppTrusty is a vibrant company whose objective is to make world a secure place, starting with mobile apps. We believe if kids today are secure with the mobile phones in their hands, they would possibly thing about their country and the world to be a secure place.


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