CEO - Founder

Prashant brings years of technical and management experience to drive the mission of Valency Networks to the farthest end possible. Prashant comes from IT infrastructure management and software development background and as a subject matter expert in information security, he is instrumental in setting the vision and improving technical abilities of the Valency Networks team. Seldom goes a day by, when Prashant has not challenged the status quo of Valency Networks.



Director - Business Development

Peter Zielczynski holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from the Technical University of Warsaw and has 25+ years of experience in information technology. He worked as a consultant for such clients as IBM, Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, and AIG. He has published many articles in technical journals and also is an author of a book. Peter handles business development and operations for Valency Networks's USA and Poland offices.




With a real passion in mobile application security, Pallavi handles the Android and iOS app pentesting. Pallavi likes taking challenges and has performed detailed vulnerability analysis for mission critical applications including banking and gaming industry.



Director - Business Development

Sudhir is an innovative problem solver and excellent strategist with great organizational and product marketing and sales skills. Sudhir has extensive experience in business development and client relationship management, cross-functional leadership, client engagements and product marketing Sudhir handles business development, sales and marketing for Valency Networks's at a global level.



Marketing - Tech

Prajakta brings years of experience in information technology domain. While she works in tandem with the sales team, getting leads and developing and spreading business is her foray. While she is CCNA certified, Prajakta has technical credentials to be vigilant in the cyber security domain and help Valency Networks develop the business.



Vibha brings years of programming and analysis experience to AppTrusty. As an ex-infosys technocrat, she knows how to do architecture review and vulnerability analysis on an Android and iOS application. Vibha works as a senior consultant that tremendously aids in raising technology bar of Apptrusty to great new levels.

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Our Strategy

Our business strategy is to strengthen our leadership in the mobile application security space globally, from app developers to the app consumers.

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Our History

Being a sister company of Valency networks which is already a pioneer in cyber security Apptrusty also aims high to cater its services in mobile app security testing.

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Our Teamwork and the Spirit of Winning is our motivation . We fulfill our obligation to earn and maintain trust with clients by adhering to the highest values and standards possible.

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Do Business with Us

Working together is instrumental and we support the sharing of new ideas as well as past successes. Our services will assure its quality and standards with affordable price range.

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If you have questions or need a personalized plan, contact us and we will study your project and offer a customized solution.

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Our Services

Vulnerability Analysis

Includes an executive summary, technical findings, including the likely risk and impact to the business. We provide procedures to reproduce findings as well as detailed remediation guidance.

Penetration Testing

Apptrusty's Penetration testing provides verification and validation across all major control categories. Our testing environment is fully equipped for testing Android, iOs and Windows based applications.

App Scanning

By scanning your web and mobile applications prior to deployment, Apptrusty's App Scanning service enables you to identify security vulnerabilities and generate reports and fix recommendations

Code Review

We go through your code line by line, to find bugs which are otherwise almost impossible to find.

Technical Consulting

We devise a suitable mobile application security strategy right from its SDLC phase to its launching.

Compliance Certification

We provide our own certificate of security compliance as per client's requirement and need of the application.


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