Mobile App Security Compliance Report

We are highly committed to helping organizations deliver security immuned mobile apps faster and efficiently with exquisite compliance report.

AppTrusty’s extensive knowledge and proven expertise examine your applications for common input validation vulnerabilities to language, coding or platform-specific vulnerabilities to address evolving mobile application security challenges. Our research-driven mobile testing methodology incorporates guidance from the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


Android iOS & Windows

Task Execution Approach

On Simulator

On Device

App Platform

Data at rest

Data in Transit

Testing Method

Think like a hacker

If you want to beat hackers in their own gaming you have to think like hacker. We use these simple AppSec strategies to let know where you are vulnerable, what applications need work, and how to beat the bad guys at their own game.

Use tools & manual ways

Apptrusty always belived in manual security tools to increase productivity and efficiency along with readmade set of tools.

Act like a hacker

Once you can see your organization from a hacker's point-of-view, you will be equipped to defend your organization like a security pro. and thats the exect method we follow at AppTrusty.

Find security holes

We prevent vulnerabilities and remove security holes in your in apllication

Perform Penetration

We use various tools and manual methods for running application penetration tests or pen tests

Create Assessment Report

Assesment reports are provided on the basis of found vulnarabilities and loopholes in application after thourough testing.

Testing Approach

Detailed Manual Testing

Based on the vulnerabilities captured, a detailed manual approach is taken to penetrate the findings and create a proof of concept. Multiple evidences are generated as a part of this process.

Verification and Report Creation

After validation of all vulnerabilities, all details are collated in a formal and professional report, which includes executive summary, findings, vulnerabilities, solutions and references to help solve the problem.

Decompiling Reverse Engineering

Our testing approach is based on the decompilation of reverse engineering to match the exact thinking process of a hacker.

Preliminary Manual Testing

We first perform some basic testing that includes the configuration and folder structure of the app. This helps further steps to figure out which security problems are going to be seen and which ones to focus upon on priority.

Log Analysis and Problem Detection

A detailed log analysis is performed to ensure accuracy is maintained while finding and verifying the vulnerabilities. This is essential to avoid false positives and false negatives.

VAPT Details

  • Can data/manifest be hacked? - Enusuring that data at rest can be hacked or manifested.
  • Can other apps access your apps data? - This process ensures if there are any other apps can access your data.
  • Can your app cross boundaries leading to potential data theft? - We make it sure if application should not cross the boundaries which can be leading to potential data theft to avoid further malfunctions.
  • Packet capturing to determine session stealing, cookie stealing - We ensure the process of packet capturing to determine session or cookie stealing.
  • Manual check for forms hijacking and other typical attacks - Our technical experts manually check if there is any exploitation done of vulnerable web forms to send unauthorized email and attacks.
  • Checking if app reveals sensitive info via logs - We enusre if application is reveleling any sensitive information via logs
  • Checking if data to & from your app is encrypted - We ensure that data comes to and from your application is completly encrypted
  • Checking if that encryption is adequate or could be bypassed? - We check for the bypassed encryption to avoid any espionage which can trigger by this vulnarability
  • Checking if your app makes webservice/database calls securely? - Enuring any authentication is bypassed or missing while calling dabase or webservices.
  • All above for Layer-3 (network) - Layer 3 refers to the Network layer. We repeat all above testing procedures for securing your network layer.
  • All above for Layer-6 (Session) - All above testing procedures will be done for securing your network layer.
  • All above for Layer-7 (Application) - We repeat all above testing procedures for securing your application layer.


About our report:

  1. Technical Report with Executive Summary - You will get thorough report with executive summery.
  2. Password Protected PDF Format - We provide password protecting PDF file which helps you ensure that even if the document gets lost the content won't be available to anyone else unless you shared the password with them.
  3. Vulnerability Details With Fixes/Solutions - Report will include all vulnarability details with recommended fixes and solution from our expertise
  4. Categorized in Critical, High, Low severity - Report is categorized as as per seviority of found vulnarability as critical, high or low.
  5. Optional : Certificate of security compliance - We provides our own certificate of security compliance as per client's requirement.

Our tests assures the quality and reliability of report. To match the time-frame of our client we provide reports in timeframe of 7 days.

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