Mobile App Security Testing Steps

Apptrusty follows a technical and systematic approach to perform security testing of your mobile app. The process starts with decompiling and goes through detailed analysis for data at rest and data in transit vulnerabilities. Following steps are performed.

Binary decompilation

Static code analysis for data at rest vulnerability mapping

Dynamic analysis for data in transit vulnerability mapping

Above for OWASP Mobile Top 10 standard

Local storage specific checks

Cryptography specific checks

User input validation checks

App's own security layer bypass checks

Unintended data leakage checks

Malicious inputs susceptibility checks

The results are compiled and converted into a technical report.

what to expect

HIPAA Compliance Report

Ensure that that your mobile app complies to the Data At Rest standards set by HIPAA regulations protecting PHI

PCIDSS Compliance Report

Provide assurance to your customers that their payment card data is handled securely by your mobile app

In-App Purchase Compliance

Ensure that monetary transactions happen in a secure way to protect your customer's finance data.

In-App Social Media Security Check

Ensure that your mobile app makes in-app social media calls to facebook etc, in a secure way, to ensure data privacy.

Payment Gateway Compliance Checks

Ensure that your mobile app makes the payment gateway integration securely, complying to PCIDSS standard

Online Stores

Payment Gateway Problems found


Bitcoins vulnerabilities found


Netbanking vulnerabilities found


Wallet Services vulnerabilities found

Mobile App Security Case Studies

Mobile App penetration testing services could be required by any industry vertical. Please read through our pentesting case studies to understand the service spectrum.

Banking Mobile App

How we helped a bank fix their mobile application security for net banking transactions

Gaming App

How we ensured a gaming app fix their in-app purchase problems

Healthcare App

How a healthcare app connecting to FitBit was secured for patient wellness

E-commerce App

How we helped a mobile-only ecommerce site be secure for payment transactions

Mobile App Pentesting : Why Apptrusty Is Preferred By Customers?

Why Apptrusty? The Apptrusty is bound to keep its promise of providing total security for mobile applications. We understand the mobile security threat landscape and the necessary actions your organization needs to take to be in a defensible position.

In the current environment, it is impossible to keep track of your data and ensure its safety. Security breaches along with deliberate and malicious attacks on your documents happen without your knowledge. Once you become aware of the attacks, it is too late, the damage is done. Being a respected leader in the mobile app security industry, we know how to protect, preserve, and keep your data safe. Do not risk your data with an incapable provider. Having worked with major organizations from across various industries and the globe including financial services, healthcare and the public sector, Apptrusty team can help your organization be mobile security resilient with the end-to-end management of mobile security threats.

Talent and creativity

Apptrusty is a young, growing and dynamic company engaged in providing mobile application security across the global. We specialize in the development of our own manual security tools also in using open source security tools innovatively to fulfill the customer needs. Our strength is our people, and we believe that if we have team which is motivated, passionate and qualified, we will automatically be able to fulfill our commitments towards our client. We deliver mobile app security testing, endpoint risk, incident response, and compliance solutions with the high security standards. We combine our expertise, knowledge and talent of our young experts to provide solutions to businesses worldwide.

Design and code

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and popular, with many of these devices now containing confidential business, financial, and personal information. This has led to a greater focus on mobile software and application security. Apptrusty helps you in how you can create mobile applications that incorporate security throughout the development process. Our comprehensive guide to techniques for secure development practices covers, security practices and guidelines for secure session management, form validation, and file uploading.

Quality and Support

We at Apptrusty make the commitment to deliver mobile app security to satisfy customers as per their needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and timely delivery. Our quality service, happy and satisfied domestic as well as international clients are our assets. Our rigorous process control system and stringent on-line checks monitor product quality and performance at all stages. Our technical services cell, in close co-ordination with our R&D Cell, continuously monitors customer problems and also assists our customers in cost reduction by recommending optimum usage of our emulsifiers.